Refractory Bricks, Castable, Monolithic Powders

Get good quality low price refractory brick, castable, monolithic powder ladle, tundish, furnace, kiln for steel, cement, aluminium, glass at Wedge India.

Benefits with Wedge India Refractories

  • Leading Refractory and Insulation manufacturer and exporter in India, UK, and China.

  • Have strength and capabilities to offer TRM (Total Refractory Management) and CPT (Cost per Ton of Steel) contracts.

  • Having expertise in design, development  of Refractories and Heat Insulation products & Systems.

  • Registered with most of large government and private sector customers.

  • Fabrication, Warehousing infrastructure facilities at main sea ports and customer project site locations.

  • üStrong network with local applicators across India to meet the customer demand.

  • More than 85 satisfied customers in Steel, Cement, Glass, Furnace, Oil&Gas, and Heavy Engineering Industry.

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Non Ferrous Refractories

Light-Weight Insulation Castables
Sidewall Carbon Block
Diatomite Insulation Brick
SiC-Based Mortar for Aluminum

Special High Alumina Brick

Special Andalusite Brick
High Strength Barrier Mass
Self-Flow Castables
Silicon Carbide Castable
Abrasive Anchor Bricks
Tap hole Clay High Nickel Chrome
High Performance Slide Plates

Si3N4 Bonded SiC Block
Dry Mass - Aluminum Electrolysis Cell
Low-Porosity Fireclay Brick
Purging plug for Aluminum Refining
Light-Weight Insulation Castables
Blocks for Casting Ladle
Chrome Corundum Bricks

Purging Plugs for Copper Furnaces 

Induction furnace Refractories

Mica Paper
Neutral Ramming Mass Without Chromium
Neutral Ramming Mass With Chromium
Silica Ramming Mass
Coil Grout

Bottom Purging Plugs Casting Ladle

Shaped Working Linings for Coreless Induction Furnace 

BOF Refractories

Magnesia Carbon Brick for Converter
Tap Hole Brick
Bottom Blowing Purge Plug
Converter Furnace Patching Material
Slag Dart and Ball
Light Calcined Magnesia Ball

Monolithic Refractories

EAF Gunning Mix

EAF Ramming Mix

Tundish Gunning Mix

Tundish Dry Vibration Material

Ladle Castable

Taphole Clay For Blast Furnace

Caustic Calcined Magnesite Ball

EAF Refractories

EAF Bottom Ramming Mass
EAF Back Filler
EAF Magnesia Carbon Brick
Magnesia brick
EBT Taphole Block
EAF Cover
EAF Dry Ramming Mix
EAF Gunning Mix
EBT Filler

Ladle Refractories

Green mortar mass

Ladle Back Fillers

Ladle Magnesia Carbon Brick

Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick

Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick

Ladle Purging Plug

Ladle Purging Well Block

Ladle Lower Nozzle

Ladle Slide Gate Plate

Ladle Nozzle Well Block

Slide Gate Mechanism

Ladle Castable

Ladle Safety Layer Castable

Ladle Gunning Mix

Ladle Nozzle Filling Sand

Filler for Well Block

Slide Gate Plate Mortar



Covering Agent

Blast Furnace Refractories

Shotcretes for Throats 
Hot Gunning Mass
Al2O3-SiC Brick 
Clay-Based Mortar 
Injection Mixes for Blast Furnace 
Sialon Bonded Corundum Bricks 
Shotcretes for Hearth 
Tap-Hole Clay
Gunning Mixes for Iron Runner 
Si3N4 Bonded SiC Brick 

Refractories Cement Plant

Corundum Silicon Carbide Castables
Corundum Mullite Castables
Wear-Resistant Plastic Mixes
Magnesia Spinel Brick
Magnesia-Iron Spinel Brick
High Strength Alkali-Resistant Brick

Silicon Carbide Mullite Castables
Low-Cement Castables
High-Strength Anti-Corrosion Explosion-Proof Castables
Alkali-Resistant Castables
Direct-bonded Magnesia-Chrome
Silicon Carbide Mullite Brick
Anti-Spalling High-Alumina Brick

Petrochemical Refractories

Fireclay Insulating Brick 
Diatomite Insulating Brick 
Refractory Mortar
Low Silica Corundum Brick,

High Alumina Brick, SiC Brick 
Light-Weight Insulating Castables
Self-Flow Abrasion Resistant Castables 

High Alumina Insulating Brick
Low Silica Corundum

Abrasion Resistant Castables 
Light-Weight Insulating Castables 

Tundish Refractories

Tundish Nozzle
Tundish Dry Vibration Mix
Tundish Coating
Tundish Permanent Layer Castable
Casting Powder
Zirconium Sizing Nozzle
Tundish Well Block
Long Nozzle
Submerged Entry Nozzle
Monoblock Stopper
Tundish Impact Plate

Monolithic Refractories

EAF Gunning Mix

EAF Ramming Mix

Tundish Gunning Mix

Tundish Dry Vibration Material

Ladle Castable

Taphole Clay For Blast Furnace

Caustic Calcined Magnesite Ball

Re Heating Furnace

High-Alumina Bricks

Gunning Mixes for RH Furnaces
Magnesia-Alumina Spinel Bricks

Direct Bonded Magnesia-Chromite

Refractory Bricks

Magnesia Bricks

Magnesia Chrome Bricks

Magnesia Dolomite Bricks

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Fire Clay Bricks

High Alumina Bricks

Silicon Carbide Bricks

Silicon Nitride Bonded SiC Bricks

Corundum Brick

High Alumina Brick

Mulite Brick

Spinel Fire Brick

Silica Brick

Acid Proof Brick

Alkali Resistant Bricks

Silicon Carbide Brick

Fire Clay Brick

Zirconium Brick

Special Shaped Fire Brick

Insulation Brick

Alumina Bubble Brick

JM Mullite Insulation Brick

High Alumina Insulation Brick

Clay Insulation Brick

Silica Insulation Brick

Ceramic Fiber

Aluminum Silicate Fiber

Unshaped Refractory

Refractory Castable

Ramming Mass

Insulating Refractory Castable

Refractory Mortar

Refractory Cement

Corundum Castable

Silicon Castable

High Alumina Castable

Light Castable

AOD Magnesia Carbon Brick

Heavy Castable

Refractory Plastic

Mud Gun, Tap Hole Clay